Writing with Purpose: Three Questions: Can you describe your message and audience in 60 seconds? Publishers want clarity and a razor sharp focus on the primary audience, why they will choose your book, and what will change in their lives from the experience.  If you are intentional and focused through your process from start to finish,  the benefit to the reader will be in the spotlight in the finished content as well as from the title to the packaging to the layout and marketing.

Susan Salley is an Associate Publisher with Abingdon Press in Nashville. Her areas of work at Abingdon include inspirational books, church-wide initiatives and media-based study. Before entering the world of publishing, Susan led marketing research at a consulting firm working with clients as far-ranging as Dollar General and Bridgestone and HCA. She received her MBA at The Owen Graduate School of Management but finds her time growing up as a preacher’s kid to be one of the most important parts of her education. She is a native of Louisiana and now makes her home in Nashville, TN.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/susan-salley-21717483

Abingdon Press website: https://www.abingdonpress.com/