If you’re self-publishing your nonfiction book, or if you’ve completed a full manuscript and are planning to seek a traditional publisher, we offer a nonfiction manuscript review that provides you with the kinds of insights you’d receive from a developmental editor. We’ll offer feedback on the structure, content and quality of writing, offering strategies to improve the manuscript and also to improve at the craft of writing. You will gain the most from this service if you submit your manuscript for review after completing your first draft—while you still have energy to make changes that can improve it. (This service won’t be as useful to you if you’re out of steam and don’t intend to rework your first draft.) Price: $100/10k words

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This is service is provided by Margot Starbuck, a graduate of Princeton Seminary and Westmont College, who is passionate about effective communication.

Collaborative/Ghost Writer

Margot serves publishers as a collaborative writer and ghostwriter, helping others tell their amazing stories. (More on this, and Margot’s editing/consulting work HERE!)


Margot also serves publishers and writers as both a literary midwife—helping authors birth the books that are in their hearts through book proposal and manuscript evaluations—and also as a book doctor, stepping in when manuscripts need resuscitation.


Her first book, The Girl in the Orange Dress: Searching For a Father Who Does Not Fail, was awarded the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association’s best nonfiction book of the year for 2011. She’s also the author of six other Christian living books. Not Who I Imagined was a 2015 Selah Awards finalist for Christian Living. Margot is represented by WordServe Literary and is a member of Redbud Writer’s Guild.


Margot enjoys connecting with audiences on campuses and at conferences, retreats and festivals. Some clients include Messiah College, Wheaton College Center for the Application of Christian Ethics, Friends University, MOPs International, Young Life Women’s Weekend, Urban Promise Ministry Summit, Lifest and the Wild Goose Festival.

If you are interested in learning more about this service click here.

Website: http://www.margotstarbuck.com/home.htm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/margotstarbuck

Twitter: @MargotStarbuck

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/margot-starbuck-267656a

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