What Are Publishers Looking For?  What are publishers looking for in the books and authors that they publish? This presentation will be a guide for potential authors to understand what publishers are looking for—what is the right direction for them.


Kara Leonino is an Acquisitions Editor for nonfiction at Tyndale House Publishers. She manages product development and the acquisitions process for every nonfiction project. Kara has a bachelor’s degree in English from Ohio University. Since coming to Tyndale, Kara has had the privilege of working with a variety of talented authors, including Ann Swindell, Valerie Woerner, Amy Seiffert, Christi Paul, Kasey Van Norman and Jeremy Camp. She enjoys working with authors who share her passion for books that incite new ideas and offer truth to others. Kara will try most anything once, loves dessert, can often be found wandering through libraries, and can read a map.