by D A Benton – Rockridge Press

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Encouraging and practical advice to help introverts improve their networking skills

Professional networking can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re introverted in social situations. An Introvert’s Guide to Networking is here to make it easier, with everyday advice that helps you leverage your natural strengths like listening, observation, and careful thought, to create connections in ways that feel comfortable and genuine for you.

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking offers:

  • Helpful, hands-on guidance―Learn networking tips like how to enter (and exit) conversations gracefully, optimize your social media presence, be aware of your body language, and more.
  • Advice for everyone―These inclusive techniques are helpful for people of all career stages, industries, and social skill levels―even extroverts might learn a thing or two.
  • Real examples―Read quotes and anecdotes from introverts who’ve used their authentic personalities to make successful professional relationships.

Start networking more productively today with a book that makes it easier for introverts.

“Whether you are just starting out or well into your career, Debra Benton provides the more introverted among us a valuable roadmap to becoming a master networker, using both traditional in-person activities and the power of social media.” ―M. Carl Johnson, III, Chairman of the Board at Nautilus, Inc.

“Debra Benton has taught me so much over the years. Her books have been a continuing source of inspiration. Debra’s new book, An Introvert’s Guide to Networking, offers more practical knowledge about how to improve your career (and life) skills. I highly recommend it for both introverts and extroverts.” ―Deanna Mulligan, Board Chair at Guardian Life Insurance Company, Author of Hire Purpose: How Smart Companies Can Close the Skills Gap

An easy and logical approach to improving your networking skills that can unlock doors, nurture relationships and improve your strategic perspective in a meaningful way. Debra Benton’s networking approach shines a positive light on the strong interpersonal skills that most introverts innately have. By focusing on these strengths, she removes the intimidation factor that comes with networking and provides the reader with the confidence, rationale, and planning skills needed to build positive relationships.” ―Heather A. Newman, SVP Corporate Strategy, Altria Group Inc.

“I can’t think of a single person who has contributed more to my development as a leader than Debra Benton. With her new book, she has once again proven why she is the best resource for anyone hoping to grow themselves and their career. Full of personal experience, real-life examples, and sound advice, I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their networking skills.” ―Mike Barkley, CEO, KIND Snacks

“My kindergarten teacher told my mother that I was so shy, I would never amount to anything. This may not be an exact quote but close enough. Today, I am Chairman and CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and I can relate to everything in this book. I often tell people, ‘don’t let anyone define your potential’ like my kindergarten teacher.” ―Barbara Smith, Chairman, President & CEO, Commercial Metals Company