by Mel White

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For centuries, evangelicals who read the Bible literally have misused seven verses to convince the world that homosexuality is a sin and homosexuals sinners. Those verses have forced LGBTQ+ persons to live their lives under a cloud of shame and guilt. In Clobber the Passages, Mel White doesn’t bother to explain the verses again. That’s been done a thousand times. Instead, he blows away that dark cloud by celebrating the truth learned from America’s leading mental and physical health professionals. Homosexuality like heterosexuality is just another of the Creator’s mysterious gifts. White calls literalists to stop accusing LGBTQ+ people falsely and to start celebrating what they have achieved throughout history in music, science, athletics, politics, the arts, education, literature, the military, parenting, and even religion. Clobber the Passages presents LGBTQ+ people in a healthy new light and leaves that dark cloud of guilt and shame over the evangelical literalists where it belongs.