by Mike Burkhard

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The human journey can be challenging enough but it is ever more complicated by social and technological changes that are subliminally provoking greater divide and creating a “toxic new normal.” Rampant technology growth, rising cultural divides, a hyper-paced world and an increasing culture of dehumanization are all combining to create confusion, fear and separation while tearing at the heart of civilized society. Respect, kindness, and simple appreciation for others, all tenets for human empathy and understanding, are all being displaced. History has brought us to the era of the “toxic new normal”.Can we ever unite together again amid an ever-changing, tumultuous world?How do we understand that we all have more in common than we do different?What can each of us do to help heal the differences while leaving a meaningful, personal legacy?For over thirty years, Mike Burkhard has studied human history and human behavior that has led to his inquiry on these timely questions. He has led human resource teams for multi-billion-dollar, global technology companies with the goal to enable individuals to prosper so companies can prosper. His early thesis entitled, The Healing of Self, The Healing of the Corporation, linked individual growth and awareness to company culture and success. In his new book, The Toxic New Normal, Finding Our Path Back to Empathy and Understanding, he looks at the root cause of division in the world today and why we have lost appreciation for each other. Ultimately, there is a way back to unity and understanding, but can we consciously make both the individual and societal choices to do so? Mike Burkhard is an independent author and speaker living in Bucks County, PA. He has been married to his wife, Karen, for thirty-eight years and has three adult children and two grandchildren. He is a lifelong student of human motivation and the mystery of the human journey. Previously serving as Human Resources VP for a global technology company, Mike purposely stepped away from that role to follow his dream to write, speak and live a simpler life. He enjoys walking, eating healthy, and spending quiet time as he continues to study human longevity and happiness.