by Philip Yancey – IVP

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Discover this updated and combined edition of two bestselling books! The human body holds endlessly fascinating secrets. The resilience of skin, the strength and structure of the bones, the dynamic balance of the muscles―your physical being is knit according to a pattern of stunning purpose. Now Gold Medallion winners Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and In His Image have been completely revised and updated to offer a new audience timeless reflections on the body. Join renowned leprosy surgeon Dr. Paul Brand and bestselling writer Philip Yancey on a remarkable journey through inner space―a spellbinding account of medical intervention, pain and healing, and the courage of humanity. Discover here the eternal truths revealed by our seemingly ordinary existence. The human body is a window into the very structure of God’s creation and a testament to God’s glory.

“I have long loved the collaboration between the marvelous theologian Philip Yancey and his mentor―orthopedic, humanitarian surgeon Paul Brand. What a blessing to reread this work after thirty years, to immerse myself in the story of Dr. Brand’s work with leprosy patients in India and the Bayou, and in the resultant lessons about the miraculous workings of the human body, the beauty of human friendship and caring, the profundity of God’s love. Brilliant, charming, and wonder inducing, this is a modern classic of science and faith.” (Anne Lamott, author of Traveling Mercies, Bird by Bird, and Hallelujah Anyway)

“This is a stunning, wondrous book by two of my favorite people. I remember reading Phil Yancey in India, as I lived in a village of folks who had leprosy, which is also where I heard about Dr. Brand. Mother Teresa used to say that in the poor we can see Jesus ‘in his most distressing disguises.’ This book unpacks what that means and invites every one of us to marvel at the image of God in every person. Dr. Brand is a legendary medical doctor, and Philip is a doctor of the soul. Together they have written one of the greatest books on life . . . in a world where far too many lives are disgraced and desecrated. May it make you a champion of life, just as both of these men have been, and may we be death’s greatest adversary.” (Shane Claiborne, cofounder of The Simple Way and Red Letter Christians, author of Beating Guns)

“In a world divided by races and faces, healers Philip Yancey and Paul Brand knit us together by blazing a magnificent journey through the human body―inspiring discovery, cell by cell, of God’s marvel of a blueprint for his unified church. A shining collaboration, their book validates well that if every cell matters, so does every life. Yet only in relation to each other do we come alive. In proving that view, Yancey and Brand achieve an uplifting and awakening balm for today’s bruised and fraying church. This book is a glorious achievement, and it arrives kindly with soothing correction. But best of all, it’s right on time.” (Patricia Raybon, author of My First White Friend and Undivided: A Muslim Daughter, Her Christian Mother, Their Path to Peace)