Are you ready to dive into a writing career? Want to make the connections that will land you an agent and a book deal? Our conferences typically feature acquisition editors from leading publishing houses, large and small, as well as leading literary agents.



Case study: Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien



My story of how I discovered the Writing for Your Life and Publishing in Color conferences honestly baffles me every time I think about it! As a recent pageant queen, I decided to create a quick eBook to garner funds to support my journey. I soon realized I had entirely too much to say and couldn’t just quickly write a 10 page eBook! I decided I would write a longer one, traditionally. After doing some research and cold pitching, I came into contact with Tim Beals, now my agent! He told me about the conference that would be held in NJ a couple months later, for the first time. And get this, it was only 30 minutes from home! How on time is God?!

I was a hopeful 23 year old entering the conference. I had no idea what to expect but I remember this incredibly invigorating feeling of stepping into the next season of my life. I love the work I do now as the EIC of my fashion and faith brand, Adorned in Armor, as well as fashion writing for Teen Vogue and The Haitian Times. But, I’ve always wanted to write a book. I never considered now would be my time.



I knew close to nothing about the agenting or publishing industry but the conference changed all that. The conference provided genuine support, community and confirmation. To sit down with top-notch publishers and to see them impressed with my transcript further affirmed me on levels I didn’t even know I needed. The best part about the conference is that it opened my eyes to the world of writing for the glory of Jesus! I left the conference completely certain I was where I needed to be. God is directing my steps. And praise be to Him, I now have a three book deal with Baker Publishing Group!

And check out this video where I describe how I found an agent, found the Publishing in Color conference, and got the three book deal.



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