– give away book plates with your signature

– free office hours

– reach out to podcasters, interviewers, and bloggers associated with your theme, and request interviews

– invite other authors to write together while online (a bit like writing at the library)

– book club virtual visits

– leverage new modes of broader access, as opposed to requiring travel, etc.

– establish closer relationships with local indie bookstores (they are hungry too)

– online offers a higher degree of authenticity; lower degree of pretentiousness

– offer downloadable worksheets, crafts, or other materials to go along with your book(s); VBS kits

– sticker clubs

– try different things; the dynamics of the pandemic are continually changing

– hold book readings to small online groups, including nursing homes, women’s groups

– request a book launch interview with Writing for Your Life / Publishing in Color, or with others

– plan a online book launch party or book blessing

– support each other; be generous

– don’t be afraid to ask for support; remember that everyone is busy and often needs a reminder

– ask questions of others through social media, in order to generate discussion and engagement

– hold weekly online hangouts around a particular theme