I have the privilege to be wife to a very reasonable, handy, and supportive husband and mom to two active, independent, and creative kids.  I am also a writer, Lutheran pastor, sister, friend, and, child of God.

My family and I live in Central, MN, where we try to make the most of long, cold winters and summer months always go by too fast.  We enjoy being outside, playing games, having friends over for supper, and going for walks with our Golden Retriever. I love cooking, reading, and writing.  It’s through writing that I reflect on life, its nuances, and what God is up to in my own life and in our world.

My goal in my writing is to empower readers to be the person God has created and called them to be, to remind them that they are not alone as they navigate their various roles and responsibilities, and to remind them of who they are, first and foremost- a beloved child of God.