Karynthia Glasper-Phillips a speaker and author whose workshops, coaching, and blogs, integrates the importance of effectiveness in life  by beginning with self-care of spirit, mind, and body. She is bi-vocational as a minister and internal medicine practitioner, and conference faculty. She is an adjunct professor at American Baptist College.  Karynthia is an advocate for decreasing disparity of cancer among women as demonstrated in her work with Echoes of Hope, Inc.

Karynthia’s coaching style is visible in her passion to see clients connect the dots and step beyond their personal boundaries into fulfillment of goals and dreams as speakers, business owners, leaders and authors. Her unique ability to combine wellbeing with dreams materializing strengthens client’s weak areas, which make their stronger characteristics shine brighter as they journey forward achieving their vision as God designed.

She is a contributing author in Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie’s book, Not Without a Struggle: Leadership for African American Women in Ministry.  Karynthia is also a contributing writer for Our Daily Bread.

As a wife and mother in her spare time she  enjoys crocheting, horseback riding, color painting, and playing the flute. Her desire to see a revival of Scripture reading is her prayer. She and her husband lives in Nashville, Tennessee.



Twitter : KarynthiaPhillips @QT_HisTime 

Facebook : Karynthia Phillips