Kathryn A. Helmers (B.A. English, The King’s College; M.A. English, The University of Denver; M.A. Clinical Mental-Health Counseling, Belmont University) is managing partner for Creative Trust Literary Group in Nashville. Her 40+ years in publishing includes 24 as a literary agent in Nashville and 17 in magazine and book publishing in New York City and Colorado Springs—from editorial production to editorial development, acquisitions, and division management. She has worked with such notable Christian writers as Philip Yancey, Richard J. Foster, Eugene Peterson, Luci Shaw, Walter Wangerin, Jr., Donald Miller, Brian McLaren, Andy Crouch, Mary Beth Chapman, Tracy Groot, James Bryan Smith, Peter Enns, and many others.

Website: http://creativetrust.com/literary/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathryn-helmers-874a749/