Little Coleman is a Navy Veteran that served on the USS Nimitz In Bremerton, WA. She also helps refugees get the assistance needed – such as housing, cars, food and jobs – so that they feel comfortable living here. Little and her husband Amedeus are business owners of a commercial cleaning company and a gourmet ice cream trailer catering parties, rodeos and weddings. Little is a new writer, in the process of publishing her first children’s board book that will encourage children of color to see themselves in careers that they might not have envisioned for themselves. Her three amazing children have challenged her in a way she couldn’t have imagined! They all have unique talents but want to be a Judge, Architect and own an Acting school one day. This prompted Little to think how she could help other kids who believe that only sports can get them out of situations they were born into see themselves in a brighter light! Her goal in life is to make children see how great they are and attach their faces to amazing careers that can change the world! ABC…That Could Be Me