by Brandan Robertson – Rockridge Press

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Strengthen your connection to God―a year of powerful devotions for men

Even in the busiest week, there’s always a moment to connect with God. Tap into the Bible’s life-transforming wisdom with the Strength in Faith Devotional. This men’s devotional goes beyond other inspirational books for men with 52 weeks of Scripture passages, insightful stories, and practical lessons. Explore the Bible’s teachings in your everyday life―and strengthen your connection with God.

Each week begins with a Scripture reading and accompanying essay. Explore themes you won’t find in other inspirational books for men, like “The Forgiveness Factor,” “Wage Peace,” “The Comparison Trap,” and “Servant Leadership”―to guide you through issues at work, relationships, and home.

Inside this standout among inspirational books for men, you’ll find:

  • A year in faith―52 devotions provide easy weekly structure; with no start date, you can move at your own pace.
  • Writing and reflection―Jot down your thoughts at the end of each devotional―this engaging choice in inspirational books for men includes dedicated space to write.
  • Take it away―Helpful summaries after each devotion give you concrete suggestions for applying the week’s lesson to your life.

With a year of devotionals to challenge and support you, Strength in Faith Devotional is everything inspirational books for men should be.

“Brandan Robertson’s Strength In Faith Devotional offers a path toward a deeper connection with God and a deeper commitment to living as the hands of Jesus in the world. The insights contained in these weekly reflections will nourish your soul and open your eyes, enabling you to see God’s presence in your daily life. Brandan is one of the most original of the contemporary Christian writers, a compassionate pastor and a real advocate for justice in our world.” ―James Martin, SJ Author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage and Building a Bridge

“Daily devotionals are a staple in many people’s spiritual diet, so it’s important that we’re nourishing ourselves with healthy input. Brandan’s Strength In Faith Devotional is progressive, inclusive, and Christian. This is a daily reading where you can rest into Christ without fear of being shamed or condemned.” ―Brad Jersak, Author of IN: Incarnation & Inclusion, Abba & Lamb

“Rev. Brandan Robertson’s Strength in Faith Devotional: A 52-Week Inspirational Book for Men is a real blessing for men―a deeply inspiring and thought-provoking spiritual resource. The reflections guide the reader to chart one’s life journey based on profound biblical truths, addressing the complexities of life in a very accessible, earnest, and engaging manner. The devotional points us convincingly, from where we are, helping us to set priorities on relating with God, with each other and with our work.” ―Dr Manoj Kurian MD, Coordinator, The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance of the World Council Of Churches

“Brandan has crafted something really special here: a vision of daily life imbued with meaning and brimming with purpose―in constant conversation with God. Each weekly meditation reaches into the deeply held assumptions we all live by and brings forth a redeeming word of wisdom, hope, and new life. This book is truly a balm to every person wondering where to find hope and meaning in a world too often characterized by unhealthy competition and toxic self-narratives. With a pastoral heart, Brandan guides us to still waters that inspire, strengthen, and nourish the soul. Such a refreshing book!” ―The Rev. Canon Jude Harmon, Canon for Innovative Ministries, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA,

“Brandan has successfully taken on the challenge of approaching devotional material in a way that is accessible for a broad audience. While much of this material will certainly resonate with men, there’s a treasure trove of authentic reflection and gentle encouragement that many will find helpful, regardless of their gender.” ―Luke Dowding, Executive Director, OneBodyOneFaith