by Adam Thomas

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A deep encounter with the Lord’s Prayer through words and photography, to help young children learn the words for the first time and their parents to learn them anew.

I have said the Lord’s Prayer thousands upon thousands of times: at church on Sunday morning, at meetings, before soccer games, in the hospital rooms of patients with dementia, and with my children. But it wasn’t until I tried to explain to my three-year-olds what “hallowed” means that I realized I needed this book. Indeed, these pages do not attempt to explain anything; rather, they seek to invite the person praying – child and adult alike – into a deep encounter with the words Jesus taught us. On the left side of each page, you will find the Lord’s Prayer in the tradition language of the Episcopal Church. On the right side of each page is a very brief commentary on each phrase that mimics the form of the prayer itself. You might pray one or the other or both together. My hope is that, as your children learn the Lord’s Prayer, you will learn it again and discover new depth in the words Jesus taught us.
– The Rev. Adam Thomas