by Randy Davila – Hierophant Publishing

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We all know the publishing world has changed. An explosion in printed book, Ebooks, and self-publishing has contributed to more new titles coming to market than ever before. With so much happening, how does an author stand out from the crowd? Not to mention turn a profit.

Think Like a Publisher: 33 Essential Tips to Write, Promote, and Sell Your Book is the one-stop guide to understanding the book business and the necessary steps to become a successful author in today’s rapidly changing publishing world.

Authored by Randy Davila, President of Hampton Roads Publishing & Hierophant Publishing, Think Like a Publisher explains the basics of the publishing industry in clear and concise language, including what publishers (and readers!) look for in a manuscript, the importance of a good editor and how to find one, author platform building, and marketing strategies, and even how to find the right self-publisher for your manuscript.

Think Like a Publisher offers a chance for every author to get inside a publisher’s head to not only increase your chances of being published by a traditional publishing house, but more importantly, teach you how to promote your own book and create a successful “author business model.”