by Vivian Mabuni – Our Daily Bread Publishing

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“I managed to make my way to the car through blurry, tear-filled vision. Inside the car I tried to calm down by looking out the window as cars drove by. Everyone was going somewhere. And I sat and watched. My life had suddenly come to a standstill.”

When young mother Vivian Mabuni was diagnosed with breast cancer three days before Christmas, she struggled to know how to respond. How do you tell your children you have cancer? How do you allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for your family’s support? And how do you continue to trust God? Through her battle, cancer patients, family, and friends will find perspective, hope, and an honest look at what it is like to be diagnosed with and treated for cancer―as well as encouragement to know that God is present in our pain.

Warrior in Pink: A Story of Cancer, Community, and a God Who Comforts:
·        provides an honest look at what it is like to be diagnosed with and treated for cancer
·        includes ways to encourage yourself and others
·        shows you how to invite God into your pain

Warrior in Pink is not just a book for those whose lives have been touched by cancer; it is an inspiring story that will encourage any and all readers to stand firm in faith through whatever struggles they are experiencing. Vivian Mabuni writes with grace, vulnerability, and an observant eye that recognizes God’s presence each step of the way in her battle with cancer. And as we journey together with Vivian through her story, we are reminded anew of the importance of facing our challenges in community rather than in isolation. I highly recommend this book!”– Helen Lee, author of The Missional Mom and co-founder, Best Christian Workplaces Institute