Four writers’ workshop sessions will be provided during the retreat, each lasting roughly 3 hours.  Here is an overview of each session.


Session 1 – led by Tony

Becoming a Better Writer
  • Learn how to write in ways that will engage readers
  • Examine your writing from the macro level to the granular
  • Think like a reader

Session 2 – led by Brian


  • What are your writing goals? This makes a huge difference in selecting a path to publishing.
  • Overview of the publishing industry
  • Why you should consider DIY-publishing (a.k.a. self-publishing)

Author market entry strategy

  • Identifying your audience niche – the most important thing to get right!!
  • It is NOT all about you
  • Small group discussion

Session 3 – led by Tony

Two Things Your Book Needs, and a Bunch of Other Stuff It Should Have
  • What is a hook and how do you get one?
  • What makes for a good payoff?
  • How to put together a proposal that will get attention
  • Do you need an agent?
  • How much should you expect for an advance and royalties?

Session 4 – led by Brian

Author marketing

  • Platform development
    • Attracting followers
    • Accelerating your platform growth

How to think like an entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Tools and tactics
  • Partnering and networking
  • Financial principles


All retreat information is subject to change.

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