I love writing, but this marketing stuff is new to me, and I need help establishing and growing my brand.


Case study: Barbara Hardy


I didn’t come to Writing for Your Life easily because when it comes to attending conferences and online classes, I have nothing but problems. I don’t have time to travel, and I can’t sit still.

Yet I’d written a book about church and faith, and I wanted to know how to get that book out to readers who would find a connection in my story of renewal and hope.

So I searched the web.

I clicked and clicked for months and months, finally landing on a favorite writer’s name: Frederick Buechner. That’s when I first heard of Writing for Your Life.

Within the hour of launching my first email, Brian Allain wrote back. We arranged to speak on the phone. After assessing that I was not the candidate for a conference, he said he could help me articulate my tribe and my brand one on one. He offered to summarize his online class in a report for a very reasonable price.


With the quick exchange of a contract, Brian wrote up an assessment of my social media profile. He identified keywords and phrases that now appear in all of my social media posts.

It turns out I don’t need to know my brand so long as everyone else does.

Brian got my Facebook page up and running along with advertising. He asked me to post frequently. When I failed to do so, he emailed me a reminder. So I kept posting, and then, less than a year later, I got the phone call.

No, not the fantasy call we all imagine about the book contract from a mainline publisher.

But from my adult daughter who screamed into my cell phone, “Do you realize you have over 12,000 followers on Facebook?”

I’ve written the final book in my Zoe Brewer trilogy and another cozy mystery for “Christian women who like stories about self-discovery.” As per Brian’s suggestion, I’ve directed my blogging and advertising primarily to Facebook. For a small fee, Brian recently updated some of my advertising photos. Now that I have a “brand,” people feel more confident in following and reading my writing.

I hope to attend a Writing for Your Life conference when they next meet in person. Maybe I’ll bring a query and three chapters with me. You never know. Now that my writing reaches more people than I could have imagined a year ago, I can squirm while other people read and comment because my confidence has grown.

I am writing another novel and have hope it will be noticed by more people. Because of consulting with Writing for Your Life and Mr. Brian Allain, I discovered my tribe, lots of followers, and a life-altering path of self-discovery, which turns out to be my brand.


Some things for you to consider:

  • The good news about the Internet and social media is that they allow you to have a direct connection with your followers. The bad news is that everyone else is doing the same thing! So it is very important to figure out how to raise yourself above the “noise” and stand out from the crowd. Our strategic branding, positioning, and marketing service can help.
  • We offer several conferences each year around the country. They are filled with highly qualified and caring speakers who are there to offer their experience and guidance. At each conference we offer The Business of Being a Spiritual Writer which includes a seminar on marketing strategy.  Check out our conferences here.
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