You’ve made the commitment to write that book. Now you need a platform so that someone notices! And introductions to publishing houses and editors would be helpful too!

Case study: Justin Wells


Where I was:

I met Brian Allain at the Culture Care Conference at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. Brian was giving a talk on social media and branding for spiritual writers. I was writing my first book at the time and had no idea how to market myself or my work. So I began talking with him about consulting for me after checking out his Writing For Your Life platform. We spent some time talking about my goals and who I wanted my audience to be for my book, and established a game plan. Several months later I had a working website with a blog, a pretty good idea about how I was going to be branding myself and my writing, had a Facebook and Twitter page, each with a small following (which is growing), and was posting to all three platforms a couple times a week.

The bottom line:

Brian was very good at showing me how to set these things up, running them for a while with my help, and then turning the keys, so to speak, over to me so I can keep things going on my own. Brian has always been available, supportive, hard working and knowledgeable for me. When I was ready to launch my book, he provided me with a book launch checklist, and showed me how to set up a targeted Facebook advertising campaign. Now that it has been nearly a year since I met Brian, I feel like I have a working brand, a targeted audience and an increased following. I would have never been able to accomplish all of that on my own. The whole experience was worthwhile, pleasant and useful for a newbie like myself. Here’s to my next book, and thank you Brian!


Some things for you to consider:

  • One of the most memorable quotes I’ve ever heard from a Publisher was “15 years ago all I cared about was the writing. Now I don’t even look at the writing unless they have a platform.”  At least he was honest about it!  If you need help with your website and with social media, we can help.
  • Jumping into the business of writing can be a daunting task. Perhaps you would like an adviser who can help you understand the publishing industry and how to get started in it; someone to talk with about your positioning and branding; someone to help you make connections with agents and publishing houses.
  • The good news about the Internet and social media is that they allow you to have a direct connection with your followers. The bad news is that everyone else is doing the same thing! So it is very important to figure out how to raise yourself above the “noise” and stand out from the crowd. Our strategic branding, positioning, and marketing service can help.
  • We offer several conferences each year around the country. They are filled with highly qualified and caring speakers who are there to offer their experience and guidance. Also at each conference we offer a DigDeeper Retreat that includes a seminar on marketing strategy.  Check out our conferences here.
  • Take a look at the publishing houses and agents that we partner with in our “Industry Experts” section. Get connected!
  • Our website and weekly emails provide a wide variety of helpful resources – free for your use – without ads, subscriptions, or donations.