Writing for Your Life produces online conferences (a.k.a webinars) that feature leading spiritual authors and industry experts presenting on various topics, generally in the areas of “how to write” “how to get published” and “how to build your platform”.

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“Author Platform Development Through Social Media” will take place between January 23 and February 2.  This conference will focus exclusively on how to build your platform through social media and podcasting.  Here are the speakers and topics we have lined up:

– Mark Schaefer: “How to Become Known” – Tuesday, January 24 at 1 PM Eastern (Mark is a highly regarded social media marketing expert and the author of several great online marketing books)

– Rachel Held Evans: “How To Turn Hate Mail Into Origami: Engaging Your Readers in the Internet Age” – Tuesday January 31 at 8 PM Eastern

– Mike McHargue (Science Mike): “How to Build Your Own Podcast Program” – Thursday January 26 at 1 PM Eastern

– Keith Finnegan (Zondervan Marketing): “What Large Publishers Are Looking For in an Author Platform” – Date and Time TBD

– Brian Allain (Frederick Buechner Center): “Marketing 101: How Marketing Differs for Spiritual Writers” – Monday January 23 at 1 PM Eastern

– Amanda Skofstad (Notre Dame): “How to Build a Publicity Program for Your Book’s Launch” – Wednesday February 1 at 1 PM Eastern

– Philip Zoutendam (Eerdmans): “Starting from Scratch on your Author Platform” – Tuesday January 31 at 1 PM Eastern

– Brian Allain (Frederick Buechner Center): “A Tactical Guide to Facebook Marketing” – Thursday February 2 at 1 PM Eastern

All webinars are one hour in duration, including Q&A, and can be seen either live at the time indicated, or anytime before March 31, 2017.

Register here! $149 for all 8 sessions!

All attendees will be entered into a drawing for free copies of Frederick Buechner’s new book Buechner 101


Recordings from our September Conference are now available for purchase here!


Additional conferences coming later in 2017 check back for further details!


What attendees have had to say:

Angie: thank you for this conference.  You have provided us with excellent speakers, who have a wealth of knowledge, and I feel so fortunate to glean from their experiences.

Kim: the webinars have been wonderful! Thank you for arranging such an inspiring conference!

Chris: Sarah Arthur was fabulous

Edie: I watched it from Seoul and it was just great!!!

Kim: Rachel Held Evans, you are inspired and inspiring!! Thanks for sharing your learning and insight!!

Kendall: @LilCopan thank you for helpful guidance navigating the publishing world. You’ve made the 1st step much less daunting!

Pat: Chris Ferebee, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!

Anna: This is so wonderful! Just got done watching the first one and am ready to find the next! With many thanks! This is exactly what my writer needs right now…

Angie:  I thoroughly enjoyed your discussion with Fr. James and I’m looking forward to watching the other videos.  This conference is an amazing  idea.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend something like this–especially since I live in Alaska and conferences of this sort don’t come around too often.

Martha: great presentation Jana and very inspiring!

Kendall: A great final webinar from @JonathanMerritt to close out @writing4urlife. Got that ‘secret sauce’ simmering, I’m ready to feast.

Anonymous (from the feedback survey): In all, I am absolutely pleased with the conference and so thankful for the opportunity to hear all the amazing presentations!

Linda: I have been really enjoying the webinars.  What an amazing group of professionals you have gathered together for this conference.




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Inclusion in one of our conferences does not represent an endorsement of that person’s religious or political views or those of their employers.