22 Quick Ideas to Achieve Content Ignition

Paraphrased from “The Content Code” by Mark Schaefer

1. Add social sharing buttons to your website.
2. Give away your content; make it easy to access
3. Be entertaining, funny, and inspiring
4. When writing long-form content, make it easy to scan
5. Aim for conversation, not controversy
6. In today’s world, you must craft a descriptive, emotive, accurate, catchy, and “tweet-able” headline
7. According to a BuzzSumo analysis, adding a photo or illustration doubles the probability that your content will get shared
8. Use lists in your posts (and refer to the list in your headline – list this one!)
9. Use LinkedWithin to suggest similar content to your blog readers. At the bottom of each post it displays other relevant articles from your blog.
10. Reuse your “evergreen” content
11. Determine your best posting time (time of day, day of week)
12. Re-purpose content into various content forms (video, audio, text, meme, etc.)
13. Ask others for reviews and feedback
14. Provide content that is practical (usable by your target audience)
15. Learn to use hashtags effectively
16. Make everything look professional; no typos!
17. Concentrate on brand new research and ideas
18. Encourage comments and interaction
19. Tap into FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with a teaser headline
20. Help your readers use your content to help others (and thus feel good about it)
21. Include “click to Tweet” boxes in your blog articles
22. Be yourself – include your personality!

– from “The Content Code” by Mark Schaefer