9 Ways that Marketing (Should) Differ for Spiritual Writers

Many spiritual writers are reluctant to “market themselves” because either they feel like they are boasting, or because they are introverts.  I encourage you to think of it from a different perspective: if you truly believe you have something useful to offer the rest of world, the only way anyone will ever know about it is if you let them know!  Here 9 recommendations for how to market in a way that is (hopefully) consistent with your spirituality:

  1. Be modest and humble; not boastful
  • Avoid coming across as a know-it-all
  • Avoid telling others what to think
  • Describe what you’ve experienced and what it means to you
  • Don’t be pushy
  • Don’t be sensational or exaggerate
  • Praise others
  1. Avoid being viewed as being too commercial
  • Don’t overload with posts promoting your book
  • Don’t overload with posts promoting your speaking events
  • Instead, feed your audience what they want: your nourishing content
  1. Professional, not too personal
  • Don’t discuss what you ate, where you vacationed, how great your children are
  • Exception: telling a personal story that relates to your bigger point
  1. Not too frequent; not too noisy
  • Example suggestions: Facebook posts once a day; Twitter tweets 2 or 3 per day; more Twitter retweets than Facebook shares
  1. Engage kindly
  • Be overly gracious
  • Not too argumentative
  1. Be artistic
  • Typical expectation for a writer
  1. Be balanced
  • Not too negative
  • Not too positive
  • Emotions are fine as long as you keep them under control
  1. Partner frequently
  • With authors who are similar to you in terms of writing, career stage
  • With writing groups
  • With churches
  • With organizations
  • With online forums, blogs, etc.
  1. But above all, you MUST be true to who you are

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