A deep-down-ness

“…to begin seeing anyway that there is pain in every life, even the apparently luckiest, that buried griefs and hurtful memories are part of us all…there is so much to see always, things too big to take in all at once, things so small as hardly to be noticed. And though they may well come by accident, these moments of our seeing, I choose to believe that it is by no means by accident when they open our hearts as well as our eyes….Who can ever foresee the crazy how and when and where of a grace that wels up out of the lostness and pain of the world and our own inner worlds?”

What is apparent is that for Fred – and also for Lou and Tony – there was a deep-down-ness of their condition that would allow the holy to “well up” from those depths. Faith to these writers is similar in that this faith is a faith in something, even the unseen. 

From “Deep Calls Unto Deep: Reflections on the intersecting lives and writings of Fred Buechner, Tony Abbott, and Louis Patrick”