A Manifesto for Human-Centered Marketing

  1. Stop doing what customers hate. Get out there and discover what customers love. Do that (at least).
  2. Technology should be invisible to your customer and only used to help your company be more compassionate, receptive, fascinating, and useful.
  3. You can’t “own” customers, a buyer’s journey, or a sales funnel. Claim a market space and help people belong to it. 
  4. Never intercept, never interrupt. Earn the invitation.
  5. Be relevant, consistent, and superior. Build trust into everything you do.
  6. Be fans of your fans. Make them the heroes of your story.
  7. Transcend the public’s inherent mistrust of your company through relentless honesty.
  8. Don’t be “in” the customer community. Be “of” the customer community.
  9. Marketing is never about your “why.” It’s about your customer’s “why.”
  10. The most human company wins. 

from “Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins” by Mark Schaefer