All Of Us Are Entrepreneurs



by Aerial Ellis


We are all born with the innate ability to survive; and survival involves innovative thinking. Think about your life. Think about the things you’ve seen in your community that bother you. Think about the times you needed to make a decision – a choice – that involved doing something you were not accustomed to doing, but were motivated by the challenge.


Entrepreneurship is a world-changing job centered on your vision. Build a business that’s a unique expression of who you are and stands out in a crowded marketplace. Translate your vision into real work that connects with and inspires others, and make your work an authentic reflection of yourself by creatively using limited resources.


You are ready for the world. You are already well adapted to technology. You have a better grasp of the now, and can more easily navigate the next steps to tomorrow. Have you identified your entrepreneurial spirit and allowed it to flourish?


– from “The Original Millennial: Lessons in Leadership for the Millennial Generation” by Aerial Ellis