Artisanal marketing

“Artisanal” is one of those words that has been beat to a pulp on the web, like “personal branding” and “best-selling.” And yet there aren’t many worthy synonyms for this essential idea. Successful marketing in the future will have to be presented in a way that is unquestionably authentic, local, personalized, and even handcrafted. It will have to make a difference that people can see and experience.

Artisanal marketing has these qualities:

  • It is so compellingly authentic, believable, and natural that people will want to carry your story forward. Your customers don’t want to be bought, and they’ll have a negative reaction to anyone they suspect is trying to sell them something. Your story has to be true – and not just clearer-by-the-lawyers true. It has to respect your audience’s intelligence.
  • It provides an experience that is unique, remarkable, and meaningful on a personal level.
  • It dispenses an obvious benefit that connects to a person’s self-interest. It tangibly helps a person or their community make money, save money, protect the environment, become healthier, become happier, be more entertained, feel more self-esteem, and so on. 

from “Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins” by Mark Schaefer