Bad Decisions



Bad decisions, made on my own;

You would have thought I would have known,

Without assistance from the Lord,

No chance to succeed, no reward.


Bad decisions, made with a friend

Or colleague on whom I depend;

Was not sufficient to prevent

A catastrophic accident.


Bad decisions and poor advice,

Credentials that could not suffice;

I should have gone to God in prayer

And done my research so he’d share


In my decision making time,

He would have opened the sublime,

But when my life was demanding,

I leaned on my understanding.


Bad decisions made on my own;

Everyone thought I would have known,

Not to try without the Lord,

Without his assistance, no reward.


– from “Daily Resurrections: 53 Poems for Personal and Spiritual Development to Enrich Your Quality of Life and Relationships” by Orlando Ceaser