Creating a sonic boom

An idea catches on when a number of powerful social media accounts all post about it at the same time. This creates what I’ve called a “sonic boom” in my marketing workshops and lectures, and this is a primary strategy to achieve launch velocity for an idea.

Steve explained that when more than one powerful and trusted “influencer” shares content, the number of resulting social media shares goes up. A validation effect of some kind occurs. If one influential person or company posts about your idea, OK….but if people are seeing it everywhere, then it MUST be something important. The trust in the content is secured, and the idea is shared.

As more influential people share an idea, the number of social shares and reposts grows exponentially, like a drop of oil spreading over a puddle.

  • Posts that were shared by two influencers had 30 percent more shares than a post shared by a single influencer.
  • Posts that were shared by three powerful people received more than 100 percent more shares.
  • Posts that were shared by five people received nearly 300 percent more shares.

FIve seemed to be the magic number for critical mass. If you can get as few as five relevant and influential accounts spreading one idea, you’re on your way towards creating a sonic boom. 

From “Cumulative Advantage: How to Build Momentum for Your Ideas, Business, and Life Against All Odds” by Mark Schaefer