Examples of Outstanding Social Media Success

Today I would like to share two examples of outstanding social media success.

Example 1: an established author

In this case, the author had written many books over a period of decades, but he had no website and no social media presence whatsoever.  Here is what he did over a period of four years:

Starting point:

  • Facebook fans: 0
  • Twitter followers: 0
  • YouTube views: 0

Four years later:

  • Facebook fans: over 1.8 million
  • Twitter followers: over 300 thousand
  • YouTube views: over 140,000
  • Book sales increased over 40%

How did this happen???!!!

  1. Amazing content for us to reuse
  2. Experimentation and refinement
  3. Consistent social media posts
  4. Strategic selection or content formats
  5. Social media advertising


Example 2: a brand new business

In this case, the business was starting from scratch: no brand awareness (it did not previously exist!), no online presence.

Starting point:

  • Facebook fans: 0
  • Twitter followers: 0
  • Revenue: 0

Four months later:

  • 136 customers at $99 each

The lesson from these examples? Yes, it is quite possible to use social media to grow your following and your business!