Five constant human truths

Here are the five constant human truths, we’ll explore together in the next section of the book. 

People want to:

  • Feel loved:  Loyalty isn’t dead yet. It’s just not coming from your current marketing efforts. (P.S. A hug can change everything.)
  • Belong: You can belong to a church or a sports team. Can you belong to a company? We’ll find our answer by observing laptop stickers.
  • Protect self-interests: Research shows that consumers want to see proof of the value you provide to them and their communities. You can no longer be “in” a city. You must be “of” a city.
  • Find meaning: We grew up with the “Four Ps” of marketing, but there may be a fifth one: purpose. What happens when you need to take a political stand to remain competitive?
  • Be respected: Consumers will follow you if there’s a fair value exchange. But first, we have to understand what that means in a world where technology dominates our strategies. How do we use technology in a way that truly respects our customers?

from “Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins” by Mark Schaefer