From Weak Links to Strong Ones

Here are five tips to transform your weak relational links into strong ones through networking:


  1. Keep a list of your most active audience members, by city. When you visit a city for pleasure or business, pull out your list and invite your audience members for coffee.
  2. Make time each month for a Skype call to get to know at least one person from your audience.
  3. Interview somebody from your audience for your blog, podcast, or video. Use that interaction as an excuse to build a closer relationship.
  4. Start a chain reaction of reciprocity by going out of your way to send a card or personal note to those who are sharing your content and supporting you.
  5. Make yourself available. When I’m on a long car ride, I tweet out that I’m available for a phone call to keep me company along the way. If someone responds, I send a private message with my phone number. This has created some of the most amazing friendships!


from “Known” by Mark Schaefer