How to be Consistent, and Why it Matters

In an earlier article I described the 5 Most Important Requirements for Building Your Facebook Following. (great content, consistency, format types, advertising, and engagement) This article goes into greater depth on why consistency is important and what I mean by it.

First the “why” – You must be consistent so that your fans can count on you and who you are. As my friend Jonathan Merritt has said “Set expectations, then meet those expectations. Give them what they are looking for!” Consistency builds trust, engagement, relationship, and authenticity, which in turn lead to loyalty and book sales!

Now the “how” – there are many dimensions to consistency so let me cover them here:

• Branding
o Who you are – your persona
o Focus on your particular area of expertise; what is it that you want to be “known for”
o Your uniqueness
o The same tone / look & feel

• Frequency – it is important to get into a routine of making most of your posts on the same days, at the same times, each week; put them on your calendar to remind you, or schedule their post times in advance

• Formats – use a consistent set of post formats (a future article will go into format types in greater detail)

• Length – for book excerpts and new, original thoughts, make them roughly the same length each time

As Jonathan said, “Give them what they’re looking for!”