Integrity: Who I Am


A person of integrity is congruent, outwardly manifesting who she or he truly is on the inside. Integrity requires that, first of all, I know who I am; then, that I behave according to who I am. “Who I am” evolves over time through my decisions and beliefs and personal disciplines. To develop my integrity, I pay attention to my growing self-awareness. I make choices intentionally rather than go through my day merely reacting. And I ask myself questions that help me clarify what I’m doing and why.

Today, ask one of these questions, or a question of your own, that gets at the heart of who you are and who you are becoming:

  • “Is this what I truly want to do?”
  • “Does this action reveal what is important to me?”
  • “Am I speaking from my true self—or am I trying to protect myself or impress someone?”

Help me see more clearly who I am.


from “small simple ways: an Ignatian daybook for healthy spiritual living” by Vinita Hampton Wright, Loyola Press