Mistake Number Two



The second mistake brands make is they cause their customers to burn too many calories in an effort to understand their offer.


When having to process too much seemingly random information, people begin to ignore the source of that useless information in an effort to conserve calories. In other words, there’s a survival mechanism within our customer’s brain that is designed to tune us out should we ever start confusing them.


Imagine every time we talk about our products to potential customers, they have to start running on a treadmill. Literally, they have to jog the whole time we’re talking. How long do you think they’re going to pay attention? Not long. And yet this is precisely what’s happening. When we start our elevator pitch or keynote address, or when somebody visits our website, they’re burning calories to process the information we’re sharing. And if we don’t say something (and say something quickly) they can use to survive or thrive, they will tune us out.



from “Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen” by Donald Miller