More marketing insights from Mark Schaefer’s Uprising event

A couple of days ago I posted an article by Mark Schaeffer summarizing his 2022 “The Uprising” event, which contained many very insightful thoughts about how marketing is evolving, being driven primarily by the consumer. Here is another Uprising summary, this one from his 2019 event. Below are a few highlights.

“You’ve already made a mistake if you think ‘customer loyalty’ means that customers should be loyal to us. First, we have to be loyal to them.” 

Make [your] customers feel truly valued. “They just want to feel like they belong,” she said “People want to hear: ‘you’re not alone and you’re not crazy’.”

“Customer experience will define eCommerce”

“For the next few years, social media strategy will be like mountain biking — you can’t look too far ahead.”

“About 10 percent of the population loves to share stories at a rate 10x the rest of the population.”

“The ideal story to seed into your target audience is:

  • Authentic – It has to be believable and true.
  • Interesting – Does it make you go “wow” and provoke conversation?
  • Relevant – Will enough people care about it?”

“A key idea is to show up where people will care about your story. Roll up your sleeves, get out there, and talk to people!”

Marketing must transition from being the “creators of messages” to the “owners and sustainers of the Experience.”

“Mercedes spends $926 per car on advertising/marketing. Tesla spends $6. This is a completely different model. Tesla sells the purpose (get off fossil fuels) and the car sale follows. Marketing is primary, not the product. Mercedes builds the car and then sells it, by comparison.”

“On average, 135 people have the same social reach as a brand with a million followers.”