Our Love of Writing

Readerless writing changes us. When writers—and I refer to everyone who writes as a writer, regardless of whether they publish their work—describe writing as therapeutic or spiritual, usually they’ve experienced the transformative power of journaling or drafting. They find there delight and insight. They like who they’ve become for having written. Writing is essential to writers’ well-being; it helps us be conscious and attentive. It makes us feel alive.

This is important! Too many writers, as we revise and publish, forget to tend these simple joys. We forget that our love of writing makes it worthwhile. Publication, recognition, and accomplishment are all icing on the cake. If we neglect this love, we lose it, along with the grace that love lends our prose. 


from “Living Revision: A Writer’s Craft as Spiritual Practice” by @Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew @Skinner House