So They Say You Should Write A Book

Someone heard your story and said you should write a book. Is this true? Is that why you are here?

Believe it or not, this happens to people a lot and is a very common motivator for people to start thinking about writing a book.

I imagine you heard this and thought a couple of things:

  1. “A book? Yeah, right? I’m not a writer.”
  2. “A book? Really? People would want to read my story? How do I start? I’m not really a writer, but if it will help somebody, I’m willing to at least look into it.”

Maybe you thought a mixture of the two above. And maybe you were led to this book because their words confirmed something you’ve known for a while now – you are called to write. You feel that burning fire to release something important that’s been welling up inside of you.

Now let me offer this: when the passion to do something starts with you, that’s usually where the gold is. Just because someone says you should do something does not mean you should. Write a book because you want to, because, I am telling you, the writing process is too wonderful and horrible a journey for it to be tied to someone else’s fluctuating belief in you. You have to believe in yourself to make a book work – unrelentingly, audaciously believe. 

From “So They Say You Should Write A Book” by Jevon Bolden