That Masterpiece Is In You

by Patricia Kendalls


A cool breeze tosses the sheer white curtain, allowing the sun’s rays to invade the tiny room.  A sliver laptop and the aqua painted chipped mug are the only occupants on table. The fragrant smell of hot cocoa fills the room, and the quietness is almost deafening, as the writer standing at the window watches the squirrel scramble up and down the tree.  Desperation grips the writer’s mind, as the words that he has been searching for continue to play a game of hide-n-seek.  Where is the inspiration to write?  Why does it continue to allude me?  Are the thoughts of many writers, no matter what genre you may write, whether it is a blog or a television script.

There are many times in a writer’s career, that we just don’t have anything to write.  Snippets of ideas, invade our thoughts, but never really fully come to fruition.  Or we’ve started a project but we cannot seem to finish it, which is known as writer’s block.  How do you overcome it?  Where do you find the inspiration?  We all crave it, to participate in the game of wordplay that will produce a masterpiece that inspires generations.  There are some steps that can be used to invoke inspiration as a Christian writer.  First and foremost, it is important to seek guidance from God.  Inspiring generations is God’s work and He is the expert on the subject.  In Proverbs 16:3 it states to commit your works unto the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.   God is the original scribe, so spending time in prayer is the source to inspiration.  Finding a quiet place as you do when you are writing is just as important when you are seeking God’s guidance for inspiration.  Journaling is a useful tool.  Yes, we live in the time that we have all the technology at our fingertips.  However, whether you are using a journal with a pen or pencil or you’re journaling on your tablet.  In your quiet time of seeking inspiration, write down the thoughts and ideas that invade your mind when you are in your prayer time. Then put it away, relax and go find something else to do.  Enjoy your family and friends, inspiration can come from a conversation or even watching people.  Something that catches your attention don’t forget to write down, even if it is just one word. Get outdoors, sometimes a change of scenery or a new environment will invoke inspiration especially if you ask God to show you where to go.  Don’t forget to review your journal, and continue to spend time in prayer.

The focal point to inspiration is God.  Seeking and asking Him to open your mind to what is around you.  Sometimes we miss opportunities because we are thinking one way, and perhaps our inspiration was right before us. Oftentimes, we need to ask God specific questions for an example what story or message would you like your people to hear?  Don’t rush it.  It takes time in seeking God’s inspiration, but that masterpiece is in you, beloved scribe.