The 6 Elements of The Content Code

Great content is rarely enough to assure success. Great content is simply the table stakes needed to earn a seat at the table. I’m not going to cover tips and tricks about writing for the web or creating epic videos. Those topics have already been effectively covered in many other places. We’re here to plow new ground.

So here is the starting line for this race: You need great content.

Let me repeat: You need great content. But then what?

This is where the Content Code takes over. Content that rises and is discovered through search is a mixture of art, science, and magic that includes these six factors:

  1. Brand development
  2. Audience and Influencers
  3. Distribution, Advertising, Promotion, and SEO
  4. Authority
  5. “Shareability” embedded into each piece of content
  6. Social proof and social signals

– from “The Content Code” by Mark Schaefer