The Alpha Audience

I first introduced this concept in my book The Content Code. Alpha Audience refers to an elite circle of people – probably less than 2 percent of your entire social media following – who are responsible for sharing your content the most.

Research points to the amazing benefits provided by this special tribe:

  • The act of sharing content creates advocacy. When people share your content, in a virtual way they’re saying, “I believe in this, and you should too.”
  • Sharing content promotes understanding. According to a study by The New York Times, 85 percent of the people who share content say they better understand the person or organization who created it. The simple reason is that they’re probably not going to share content unless they trust you.
  • According to the Boston Consulting Group, the recommendations of the Alpha Audience account for eight times their own purchases.

Do you know who shares your content the most? Do you know your Alpha Audience … by name? If you spend any time at all nurturing an emotional connection with your followers, it should be with these special people.


from “Known” by Mark Schaefer