“The greatest heresy in the history of monotheism”

We saw with heart-breaking clarity how Christian Zionism hurts Palestinians, whether they’re Christians or Muslim. We also saw how Christian Zionism has become a fundraising tool for extreme right-wing political alliances that many Jews find morally horrifying. We saw how Christian Zionism perpetuates a simple but terribly dangerous theological idea, an idea that Christian missiologist Leslie Newbigin called “the greatest heresy in the history of monotheism,” the idea that God chooses some people for exclusive privilege, leaving everyone else in a disfavored (or we might say “disgraced”) status. They are the other. They don’t belong here. They are in the way. Their rights don’t count. 

From “Do I Stay Christian: A Guide for the Doubters, the Disappointed, and the Disillusioned” by Brian McLaren