The New Rules of Brand Awareness

Many prospective clients come to me asking for help to tell their story so that they can attract customers and create brand experience.

For decades, businesses have created brand awareness by following four rules – which no longer work:

1. Make something for everyone.
2. Tell our story.
3. Attract customers.
4. Build brand awareness.

The brands that succeed today have flipped things around:

New rules of brand awareness:

1. Understand the customers’ story.
2. Make something they want.
3. Give them a story to tell.
4. Create brand affinity.

While we are scurrying around employing this tactic and that one in order to get more people to notice us, we are overlooking the greatest opportunity we have to drive the growth and success of our businesses.

Awareness of our products and services is not what spreads our stories.

Our stories spread when we are aware of our customers.

– from “Meaningful” by Bernadette Jiwa