The Principle of Cumulative Advantage

The Principle of Cumulative Advantage states that once a person gains a small advantage over others in their field, that advantage will compound over time into increasingly larger advantages.

But not always.

This book explores the fuel for that turbine of success. What is that difference that gives an idea, a person, or a business unstoppable momentum?

Even if you don’t see any apparent initial advantage in your own life, I’m convinced you can build life-changing momentum by understanding how others turn small ideas into big successes. 

At its essence, marketing today is about answering one single question, “How can we be heard?” How can we rise above the din of infinite options to create sustainable meaning with an audience or group of customers?

I’m convinced that following the old rules of digital engagement is not enough….not nearly enough. A content strategy isn’t enough. Social media isn’t enough. SEO isn’t enough. Being great at what you do probably isn’t enough. 

From “Cumulative Advantage: How to Build Momentum for Your Ideas, Business, and Life Against All Odds” by Mark W. Schaefer