The Writer’s Journey

– by Charlotte Chinn


When words collide onto my paper and I step back in awe as I look at the sentences that quickly form paragraphs it is then that I realize this is divine.  There is only one source where such jumbled thoughts can become coherent words that form devotionals or essays or even novels.  These sentences that eventually form paragraphs that leads to writing capable of healing, uplifting and changing lives.  That’s the kind of writing I aspire to produce.

Words don’t always come easy though. You’d think they would. Moving them from the thoughts to paper is a process that involves vulnerability. You have to be willing to open yourself up to the scrutiny of those who might provide what you might perceive as a critical evaluation of your writing.  You have to be open to the fact that your story, whether good or bad is bound to seep onto the pages at some point and someone is going to know the details of which you may have tried to keep hidden.  Who knows what words will form together to make sentences, to make paragraphs, and eventually become essays, novels, and other works that others will read. This is a scary place to find oneself.  


I’m never confident about sharing my writing, even in those spaces that encourage it. I always feel like it could be better; there’s always going to be someone whose writing is better, someone who can say it more plainly; express it more clearly than what I can ever do. I long for the day when I’m confident enough to stand in front of an audience and say the words that I know I’ve been divinely given, with confidence knowing that there is at least one person who needs to hear them.

I have come to the realization that no matter how I feel about my wriitng or what others may think of it, it is not about me.  It is more important to be obedient to God who I believe has clalled me to write for Him. I have found inspiration in Proverbs 31:8 (CEB) that admonishes us to Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.”  I will allow the words God gives me to speak for those without a voice.and to ensure those who are vulnerable receive justice.    

Writing is my passion.  I also believe it is my calling.  I want to follow the path I believe God has for me and share my words.  At some point I have to trust that if He has given me the mandate to share His words He will make room for that to take place.  In order to do that I must step out of the way and trust His process.