Unleash Your Creativity

by S. D. Grimm


Writing flash fiction is great for writers in general. Here are a few thoughts on why.


  1. Publishing Credit

Flash Fiction stories are a real publishing credit. This looks great on query letters for those of you looking to eventually find and agent or publisher. I work for Splickety Publishing Group, and we publish a flash fiction magazine every month. That’s twelve opportunities a year with just one venue. Get out there and see who publishes flash fiction.


  1. Promotional Materials/Freebies for Websites and Newsletters

Readers want all kinds of extras, whether it’s a unique original flash fiction piece, or a flash fiction piece that’s in the story world of a longer piece you’ve written.


  1. Keeping Your Creative Muscles Strong

Creativity is like a muscle. Keep using it and it keeps getting stronger. Sometimes when I’m between projects or waiting for one to sit while I stay away from editing it, I still want to keep that creativity muscle going. It’s fabulous for helping that.


  1. The Satisfaction of Completing a Story

Sometimes we writers work on a longer piece of fiction as well and when we do, we can work on something for months or even years before typing “the end.” Then we have to go through the whole editing process. With flash fiction, you still have to write the piece and you still have to go through the editing process, but with 1000 words or less, the whole process is so much faster. At the end you have a complete story, and you’re using your editing muscles. It’s win/win.


What are you waiting for? Give it a try. Flex your creativity. Write on.


from “Jot That Down; Encouraging Essays for New Writers” edited by A. L. Rogers