Who are you and why are you the person to write this book?

We started this work to uncover the hook of your book. Now we’re going to build on it. This will also lead beautifully into creating the outline for your book. Before we do that, pull out a pen and pad of paper. Write down these questions and start brainstorming to answer each one.

  1. What outcome can you offer someone who reads your book?
  2. What stories do you think you need to tell?
  3. What common beliefs in your industry do you not believe?
  4. What was one of your lowest moments or what was your biggest obstacle to achieving success in your work or personal life?
  5. What has allowed you to succeed where others failed?

These important questions will help you define who you are and why you are the person to write your book. Defining yourself is essential to becoming the expert who stands out from the crowd and becomes well-known in your industry.

From “Self-Publish & Succeed: The ‘No Boring Books’ Way to Write a Non-fiction Book That Sells” by Julie Broad