Why Social Media Matters for Spiritual Writers

As an author or author-to-be, social media is VERY important to you for many great reasons:

First and most importantly, that is where your audience is!

  • Jesse James was famously asked “Why did you rob the bank?” His response: “Because that’s where the money is.”

Social media has immense reach:

  • Over 1.1 billion daily active users on Facebook
  • Over 310 million monthly active users on Twitter

Publishers care (a great deal!) about the size, engagement and breadth of your platform

  • Key criteria for author selection
  • You may not get a book deal without a meaningful platform

Social media is made for content

  • Writers produce content; this is made for you!
  • It is an important opportunity to define your own unique brand (Messaging, Color selection, Picture selection, Tone, Focus, etc.)

It is an amazing way to be found or “discovered”

  • High degree of targeting is possible
  • Cost effective
  • Author discoverability used to be primarily bookstore browsing; now it is online browsing

Social media removes the gatekeeper; now you enjoy a direct connection to your audience

  • No one decides other than the end consumer
  • Frequent opportunities for engagement and relationship building
  • Target who you want
  • No delay

It is a great testing ground

  • Get feedback on your ideas
  • Try things out / experiment
  • Try partnerships
  • Make new relationships!

Remember, “if you’re not online, you don’t exist!”