Why Writers Should Blog

by Angela Enos

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts, connect with readers, practice your writing skills, and build a writing platform. As emerging authors, we have all been asked to create an author platform. There are various ways to accomplish that, and blogging is undoubtedly one of those. Blogging is one way to share your expertise and—at the same time—build an author platform.

Why blogging?

1.      It’s writing! It is somewhat like writing a book; we have to research, write, edit and produce. We are developing skills, I say, writing skills! 

2.      We can play around with ideas within our niche and discern what resonates with our developing audience.  After producing a blog, we can check the stats and the comments and discover what gets our audience excited and keeps them coming back for more.

3.      Blogging is a great way to become known in your niche and be recognized as an expert or a person to seek for sound advice in your arena.

4.      Blogging gives us a weekly or bi-weekly deadline to write and create something. That, my friend, is called consistency. Yes. If we are to build a successful platform, we need to be consistent. A regular blog teaches us discipline and adhering to deadlines. Even if we don’t feel like writing, we have a responsibility to our audience.  I pose the question: What if a dedicated blogger is more successful than an undedicated one?

For more on the importance of consistency with your platform, please click here to read my blog post of July 10, 2020, Why is it Important to be Consistent with my Platform Postings?   

Again, blogging is one way to build an author platform. But it is just one way, not everybody else is doing it, and not everybody who is doing it is getting anything out of it. It may not be the platform for you. Keep exploring.

Now it’s your turn; if you are a blogger, share your blogging experience with us, good or bad.  We’d love to hear from you.