An Advent Wreath for Advent – 2022

Many, this time of year, put a Christmas wreath on their door, 

The Advent wreath is similar, yet, it is so much more.

Holding five candles, each has a meaning to celebrate,

The coming of Jesus, as we prepare our spirits to wait.

*First is purple, with HOPE as its meaning

We prepare, our hearts, imagining angels, singing.

Second, in purple, the meaning is PEACE,

At the time this Child came, the wars did cease.

Third, in pink, with the world’s JOY,

To welcome this Child, this Holy, Baby boy.

Fourth, in purple, with the fullness of LOVE,

Unconditional love, surrounding the globe, from above.

Each week carries a meaning:

Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love,

Each week, reflects God’s message,

Like the Heavenly Dove.

Christmas Day, in white, is the Christ Candle, a first,

Through Jesus’ birth into the world, God’s Love did burst.

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by Rev. Dorothy M. Crockett (November 10, 2022)